Antifa and the Trans-Atlantic Far Right

CSE South Group and Plan C Workshop are pleased to jointly present a series of talks with lively discussion. All are welcome to attend this free event.

Register for free here.

Friday evening 9th November 7 – 9 pm

** Confirmed venue **

Chadswell Healthy Living Centre, Harrison St, London WC1H 8JE.

Antifa and the Trans-Atlantic Far Right


Frank Engster. The History of German Antifa. The talk gives a short overview about the history of Antifa in Germany. It starts with the historical “Antifaschistische Aktion” of the 20s to then explain the new beginnings after the war in the course of the 68 movement and the K-grops of the 70s to finally concentrate on the three generations of what nowadays is known as “autonomous Antifa”.

Claudia Firth.  Anti-fascist Aesthetic Pedagogy. This talk focusses on the self-organised collective learning has played in anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian organising. Using historical examples from the 30’s and 70’s in Germany and Spain such as the ‘Red Orchestra’ and neighbourhood Ateneos, I will specifically explore dialogue, sense perception and play and how these elements might contribute to forms of ‘militant research’.

Michael Goddard. We are Not Snowflakes – We are the Antifa. This paper will evaluate Ministry’s antifa aesthetics pointing to such issues as to whether there is any discernible political perspective beyond generic industrial or heavy metal rebelliousness, especially when these genres have frequently been associated as much with the right as with the left. The paper will explore whether it is possible to speak of Ministry as embodying a consistent antifa aesthetics throughout their career, or even whether this would be a meaningful concept.

Owen Worth. The Making of a Transatlantic Ruling Class. The Trump campaign of 2016 and the Brexit referendum campaign unleashed a set of nationalist and populist forces that have not been seen previously within the contemporary political societies of the US and the UK. What has been noticeable in this mobilisation is the convergence of the outlooks and world views of the groups involved on the different sides of the Atlantic. By focussing on the conspiratorial aspects of ‘globalists’ and ‘elites’ new right-wing discourses have been formed that look to contest the form and content of global society. ThIs paper looks at the emergence of these Anglo-American right wing narrative and looks at its potential future development and impact.

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