New and emerging forms of worker collectivism: Resisting the rise of employers’ precarious work in the ‘gig economy’

Saturday, 26 October

11:00 –2:00pm

Djam Lecture Theatre, SOAS, London

Rather belatedly, new and existing forms of worker collectivism (such as unions) in countries like Britain and the United States are finally getting to grips with the rise of various forms of precarious work in the ‘gig economy’, whether high tech or low tech. This symposium –which will later be published in Capital & Class – showcases some of the most insightful and penetrating new research into how unions and workers are finally starting to successfully resist employer unilateralism. The most important question then posed by these pieces of research is: how can the successes be scaled up so that the challenge to employers is widespread and effective rather than just a straw in the wind. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers to address this issue and many others in the symposium.

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